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Safety on Farm: is your Power and Electrical safety up to ‘speed’?


The use of power and electrical equipment across the farm is an area where we must take extreme care and employ the services of an appropriately licenced Electrician whenever we are making changes and for ongoing maintenance.

To help get you started, use the Power and Electrical Safety Scan (sheet 2 in the Farm Safety Scan document) to scan your farm for any hazards.

  How to use the Safety Scan

- Each Safety Scan takes around 30 minutes to fill out

 - They can be done by any member of the staff on farm

 - If you spot an issue, briefly describe the issue and take a photograph

 - Discuss the issue with the farm team to come up with the best solution

 - Don't forget to use a licenced Electrician when required

  Some of the key considerations regarding electrical safety include:

 - Check your switchboards to ensure they are in good condition with all switches
   correctly labelled

 - Switch off and lock out all power sources when you are about to work on a piece of

 - Minimise the use of extension leads by ‘hardwiring’ as many of your electrical
   powered pieces of equipment as possible – this also avoids the need for Testing and
   Tagging these items

 - Where electric extension leads are unavoidable, make sure they are connected to an 
  RCD (Residual Current Device or Safety Switch)

- Test the Emergency Stops on a regular basis to ensure they are in working order

- Be very wary of overhead power lines especially when moving high implements around
   the farm & warn contractors - watch an electrical hazard awareness video

Download and print out your copy of the Power and Electrical Safety Scan (see sheet 2) which includes instructions.

As well as Power and Electrical safety scan, there are five other 30 Minute Farm Safety Scans on a number of other hazard areas including Quad Bikes, Tractors and Mobile Plant, Confined Spaces, plus a Farm Safety Action Plan template you can use to follow up.