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Introduction to Farm Policies & Systems

Policies, procedures and systems provide an invisible ‘structure’ to the business that helps everyone understand how and why things should be done.

The foundation of this structure is the farming system itself (for example, high versus low input, seasonal versus year-round calving) and the technology investment. People and tasks are then organised to achieve the farming system required. Do you have the best farm system in place for your business? It is important to consider whether you are farming in a way that best suits your capabilities and resources.

As a business grows it becomes increasingly important to have documented systems for the smooth running of the farm. You can’t personally oversee everything that is done and there is an increasing requirement to demonstrate safe and ethical business management through formal documentation.

If all systems are fully integrated the business is more likely to be able to achieve its potential. Well-designed policies, procedures and systems ensure that quality management and legal compliance are taken care of automatically as people go about their jobs. This means less duplication, less hassle, a safer workplace and a more profitable business.

Integration of all operations, policies and procedures into a farm business manual provides an all-in-one document that guides the business.

Everyone on the farm should be involved in the development of the document so they ‘own’ it and are willing to use it.

In this module there are tools and templates designed to reduce the ‘office time’ needed for setting up a farm business manual.

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